Social Stake

by Social Project

The Proof of Stake Token with social component.
Airdrop distribution. No ICO.

Next Airdrop Round

Token Specification

Token Specification

Max Supply8.750.000

Token UsesEthereum

Token StandardERC20

Token NameSocial Stake

Token SymbolSST

Initial Supply2.125.000

Circulate Supplycomming soon

Holderscomming soon

Transactionscomming soon

Token distributionAirdrop

Airdrop Pool
Tokens for distribution:  1.062.500

  • Airdrop
  • Team
  • Marketing, Bounty and Listings
  • Social Projects
  • Reserve

Airdrop Round 1
Tokens for distribution: 157.500 (14% from the total Airdrop)

More Airdrops will follow…

How to stake more SST Tokens

About Social Stake

About Social Stake

Social Stake Token is not only a Ethereum Token.
Social Stake will be also be a Payment method in the comming platform Social Bet (information will follow).

Social Stake is a Proof-of-Stake Smart Contract Token on Ethereum platform.
It’s based on the ERC20 Token Standard and implements all standard methods as an Ethereum token.
Social Stake implements the Proof-of-Stake mechanism, meaning that holders of Social Stake can earn some extra tokens.
Just by holding Social Stake for a period of time.


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Q3 2018

- create contract social stake

Q3 2018

- airdrop round 1
- marketing campaign
- whitepaper V.1 (end Q3)

Q4 2018

- next airdrop rounds
- team presentation

Q4 2018

- whitepaper V.2 with information about social project future plans.
# social bet platform
# payment function token social stake

Q1 2019

- exchange listings
- new marketing campaign
- website redesign

Q1 2019

- platform social bet
- roadmap 2.0




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Social Media
Marketing Managerin


Social Media
Marketing Manager


Backend Developer


Frontend Developer